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 Promo Basics and Sample Promo

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PostSubject: Promo Basics and Sample Promo   Promo Basics and Sample Promo Icon_minitimeFri Jan 24, 2014 9:09 pm

On the site, we want you to promo as your wrestler to help create rivalries, friendships and teams. We want you to try and do at least one promo a week. It can be as short as a paragraph with no replies to as long as you want with as many replies from other wrestlers as you'd like. It may take a little while to get the hang promoing, but the more you do it the better you'll get. We strongly encourage people giving feedback on promos they read once they are finished. The only way for any of us to get better is by receiving feedback.

A rule for promoing is to not attack another wrestler without their permission. This means no chokeslamming someone without them agreeing.

When you get to the end of a promo, or your part of a promo, it's best to state if the promo is closed, meaning no replies, open to anyone, meaning anyone can reply, or open to a specific person, in which only that person may reply.

Here is a sample promo:

Segment comes back from commercial as the camera pans the crowd, showing some signs such as "BORK LASER #1" "Bring back the mustache" and "Royalty has arrived" when finally some music hits

Angle has a somewhat stern look on his face as he appears at the top of the ramp, finally breaking a small smile as the crowd chants "You Suck!". He arrogantly walks down the ramp, wearing his wrestling gear, with his gold medal around his neck. As reaches the bottom of the ramp, he makes his way over to stairs to the left and up onto the apron before finally climbing into the ring. Angle walks over to the other side of the ring, motions for a mic and waits for the crowd to calm down slightly

Promo Basics and Sample Promo Wwe-kurt-angle-03061-355x225

When I got out of the Wrestling Royalty private jet today, I thought for sure we were sent to the wrong place. I mean lets face it. Columbus isn't easy on the eyes and it sure as hell isn't fit for royalty. But after JBL, Curt and myself realized that this hell hole was where we were supposed to be tonight, we decided to do the royal thing. We ignored the poor peasants, walked past the scum on the streets, and came to the arena that is practically falling apart to enlighten the forgotten people of Ohio. With hard work, some time, and persistence, even someone stuck in a terrible town like Columbus can make it out.

Angle clearly getting some cheap heat, but the boos are still very intense

But to be honest, I didn't come out here to save you peasants this week. None of you are worth saving what so ever. You see I came out here to address happened on RAW last week. Roll the damn clip.

A clip from last week begins playing on the screen. It shows Foley in the ring as Curt Hennig slides in and takes him down, then Angle comes over and starts attacking. It cuts to when Cena runs out and makes the save. Then it cuts to late in the match. Foley is working over Angle in the top right corner. Angle finally gets out of the corner throw's Foley into his own corner, knocking Cena of the apron and out of the match. Angle then picks Foley up for the Angle Slam but Mick reverses it and grabs Angle in the double arm DDT. Before Foley can hit it, Hennig comes in and breaks it up, followed by a beatdown on Foley. The ref calls for the bell and Angle and Hennig are DQ'd.

Foley, we both know this one isn't about wins and losses. I'm not out here to say I should have won or that the ref blew the call......No Mick, I'm out here to say that last week you got your ass kicked not once, but twice by Royalty! These fans don't like you Mick, then just like to see you bleed for them. Us wrestlers in the back, we don't like you either, cause you get all the credit for none of the work! The Undertaker threw you off and through the Cell, and all anyone talks about is how Foley took it. You won your first championship by The Rock getting hit in the head by a chair, and you weren't even the one swinging it! Mick, I said I was going to send you home to your wife and kids beaten and defeated, and I will make damn sure that when you go home, they won't let you come back. I WILL break both your ankles Mick! I WILL slam you to the mat with every suplex I have. And Mick, the big one here....I will make you bow before Royalty.

The crowd by this point is in a frenzy of booing, Angle can be seen yelling at the crowd but can't be heard through the mic. Angle begins to leave as RAW fades to commercial

[Promo closed, feedback please]

If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the admins, or anyone who may be experienced in promoing.
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Promo Basics and Sample Promo
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