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 AWO Rulebook

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AWO Rulebook
Part One - General Rules

- One Wrestler, One Promo, One Show: This means you get control of one wrestler, you are required to make one promo a week, as long or short with as many replies as you want, and we have one show card a week not counting monthly Pay-Per-Views.
- Respect all users on this forum, we don't want any drama so just chillout. Your attitude can be a positive or negative effect on whatever happens here, remember that.
- No racial or sexual discrimination what so ever. I.E. Saying faggot will be met with serious repercussions.
- No spamming of course.
-Once you pick a wrestler, we encourage you to keep that person for awhile. If you take any time off, up to a month, you keep the rights to that wrestler. If you keep a wrestler for a period of time, you will qualify for certain incentives including xBox gift cards!
- If you feel as if there is any issue, contact an admin. Don't just wait around and hope something changes.
- Don't be In-Character in chat & also don't be an ass...Leave your ego at the door.
- Have a good time here in Anarchy Wrestling Organization.

Part Two - Match Rules
- No finishers until a body part is red, two body parts in title matches.
- No ending matches on submissions, even if it is your finisher.
- No grapple finishers.
- Match must end on finisher.
- Roll Ups are allowed only after two finishers are hit.
- Catapult finishers are allowed, but not for the win.
- No run spamming.
- No excessive taunting.
- No running onto the top rope to avoid an attack (especially against springboards).
- Don't over use one move, mix it up.

Part Three - Tag-Team Match Rules
- Follow the singles match rules
- No leaving the apron excessively
- You're only allowed to enter the ring to stop a pin following an opponents finisher.

Part Four - Multi-Man Matches
- No excessive double-teaming.
- You must hit a finisher on at least one opponent to pin THAT opponent. In order to pin the other, you must hit a finisher on them as well.

Specialty Matches (Tables/Ladder/TLC)
- Must hit a finisher at any point before winning (i.e. grabbing the belt/breaking the table)
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AWO Rulebook
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