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 The Great One....

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PostSubject: The Great One....   The Great One.... Icon_minitimeSun Jan 26, 2014 2:07 pm

Fusion is alive as the show kicks off.  Pyro erupts from the stage as the opening theme blasts over the speakers. A few signs of the people on the roster are held up high. The crowd calms for a moment as the theme dies down. They don't stay quiet for long as the titantron comes to life, as well as the speakers.

The Great One.... TheRockstage_zps8e3f7b5b

The crowd erupts in a frenzy as the camera spins to the stage where a man comes walking out, looking around to his people, sucking in the electricity. The Rock starts bouncing up and down, loosening up, growing serious before taking off down the ramp in a fast walk. The Rock snaps his head from left to right halfway down the ramp, cocking an eyebrow at his fans who reach out to touch him. The Rock heads to the ring, climbs the stairs, and takes off across the apron. He climbs it, throwing a hand into the air as the camera pans outward to capture him in his glory.

The Great One.... Rockonturnbuckle_zpsab676d57

The Rock drops his arm, but still stands tall atop the turnbuckle, sniffing in the crowd's cheer. He head starts to drift off to the left, then snaps back to reality as he drops back down, and enters the ring. Rocky immediately heads across the ring, to the ring announcer who hands him a mic. The Rock nods at him as the ring announcer exits the ring. The Rock paces back into the middle of the ring, stops dead in the middle, does a fancy little motion and leans down into the mic. He very clearly speaks into the mic.

[The Rock]

The crowd erupts again, but quiets down until The Rock starts up again. This time, they chime in with him.

[The Rock]

The Rock rips the mic away from his lips as he stands tall, middle of the ring. He slowly brings the mic back to his lips, looking out to the crowd, raising a hand to calm them.

The Great One.... Calmingthecrowd_zps529b86aa

[The Rock]
Let The Rock just ask all of you this one, simple question: Is there, any better way, to kick off a new company than with The Rock, coming out, and kicking, some candy ass? Is there any better person, to kick off the first show, of a new company, than The Rock? Is there any better city than St. Louis, Missouri?

The crowd starts to kick off a big "No!" chant.

[The Rock]
Exactly. That's what The Rock likes to hear. The Rock, recently made the decision to come to this company called AWO, to make it the biggest hit on television today.

A "Rocky chant starts up, causing The Rock to cock a smile.

The Great One.... TheRocksmiling_zps737cea5e

[The Rock]
Calm down. The Rock needs to be serious for a minute.

The crowd cheers for the Rock, as usual, before quieting out.

[The Rock]
The Rock has signed his named on the doted line, setting himself up for the ride of a life time. But, it's no simple night tonight. It's no simple match. No! Tonight, The Rock kicks off the show right by whipping some sad saps ass in a tables match!

The crowd erupts again at the sound of the table match.

[The Rock]
Now, The Rock may not be what he use to be, but he use to go to hell and back with people like, Triple H. People like, Mankind. People like, Stone Cold Steve Austin. So, it doesn't matter, who The Rock is facing. No! Because The Rock is planning on kicking whoever's candy ass walks out of that curtain, onto that stage, down that ramp, and into this ring!

(tbc by my love.<3 Sorry it was short. Had a lot of fire, and boom, it was gone. However, it gives us a lot of room to work with.)
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PostSubject: Re: The Great One....   The Great One.... Icon_minitimeFri Jan 31, 2014 8:33 pm

Suddenly, the unmistakable shred of electric guitar fills the arena, accompanied by an extremely loud mixture of cheers and boos as the titantron fills with static. The St. Louis crowd only increases the intensity as CM Punk steps out onto the stage, the ever-present smug look pulling his lips into his signature snarl as he drapes his jacket hood around his head. He looks around the arena for a few moments, the tension between the two competitors building as they make eye contact before Punk drops to his knees.

The Great One.... Tumblr_n02gd7jkPD1rb7bubo1_500

He rests there on his knees a moment, soaking in the moment as the arena begins to slowly fade into a murmur. Punk lowers his head to the floor before throwing his head back as a single spotlight shoots down on him, sticking his arms out wide as the titantron flashes to read BEST IN THE WORLD.

The Great One.... Tumblr_n01sj4CWxK1rrqvofo1_500

He jumps to his feet and slowly makes his way down to the ramp, inaudibly running his mouth as his comments are drowned out by the rowdy St. Louis crowd. Punk climbs the cold steel steps, ducking gracefully into the ring and straight into the face of the Rock. The Rock begins to raise the mic, but CM Punk snatches it from him, garnering a loud boo from the fans. He shakes his head as he licks his lips, raising the mic to him after a few moments.

CM Punk
"To answer your first question, Dwayne, yes, there is a better way to start off a show than with you. To be completely transparent, I can't think of a worse way to kick it off. And your answer to the second? I can think of a far superior city just east of here."

Punk soaks in the cheap heat with a twisted smile, wagging his finger in the Rock's face as he grabs for the mic.

CM Punk
"No no, Dwayne, you wait until I'm done talking to spew your overplayed spiel. Let's analyze what you've said so far. Pointless observation that you've returned to a, quite miserable might I add, city, check. Egotistical boasting of how 'great' you think you are, check. Namedropping accomplishments from the past to pretend that you've still got it... would you looky there, Dwayne, check. Is there any other cliche you'd like to touch on before I can move on?"

Punk begins to hand the mic over to the Rock, but as his fingertips make contact with it, Punk jerks the microphone away, chuckling as his lips slides into a lopsided smirk. The Rock grabs the mic, but Punk throws a punch from out of nowhere before slamming the microphone into his forehead, causing a loud burst of feedback to fill the arena. Punk calls for the bell and rips his jacket off, kicking the Rock a few times for good measure before lifting him by his head and throwing him over the apron.

As if by instinct the Rock manages to hang on to the top rope, even despite Punk's following muy-thai striking combo. Punk climbs out onto the apron, doing his best to loosen Rock's grip on the apron. He does, only to be met with a combination of Rock's own. As he leans back for his signature punch, he's met with a big kick to the leg, knocking him off balance. He grabs onto Punk as he falls off, putting them both through a table at ringside with a splintering crash.

The ringside officials have a heated discussion between themselves before turning to the announcer, Justin Roberts, who nods. He raises a mic to his lips.

Justin Roberts
"As a result of the unclear finish, this match has been decided as a draw!"

The camera pans back to ringside as Punk sits up, holding his head in his hand and scowling at the Rock, who still lays in a crumpled heat. CM Punk stands and walks up the ramp as Fusion fades into commercial.


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The Great One....
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