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 Dirtiest Player in the Game

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Dave Turner
Dave Turner

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PostSubject: Dirtiest Player in the Game   Dirtiest Player in the Game Icon_minitimeFri Jan 31, 2014 9:39 pm

The segment opens up backstage as Fusion returns from commercial. Ric Flair is standing in the interview area by himself with a mic in his hand and a smile on his face

Dirtiest Player in the Game Ricflairgeorgiachampwrestling

WOO!! Last week, in the main event of the first ever AWO Fusion, I stood in that ring and I said to be the man you have to beat the man! So Austin came out, acting rough and tough, thinking he was going to BE THE MAN! But Austin wasn't counting on going toe to toe with The Nature Boy at his peak! The Dirtiest Player in the Game showed Austin that toughness is NO MATCH for ring smarts! The Nature Boy took advantage of his opportunities! WOOO! Maybe there were a couple back rakes and eye pokes, but when you step in the ring with Ric Flair, you step in the ring knowing you have to win at all costs! Now lets talk about tonights opponent! The Ultimate Warrior, one of the craziest to ever step foot in the ring. Well Warrior, you are going to get a taste of the main event tonight by riding on in on the Nature Boys coat tails! And you can yell at the people and shake those ropes, but once that bell rings, I'm going to show you how we used to do things in the territory days! I'm going to beat you at all costs and I'm going to pin you in front of these great Kansas City fans 1..2..3..WOOOOOO!!!!!

The crowd cheers intensely as Flair leaves the interview area

[Promo open to Ultimate Warrior]
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PostSubject: Re: Dirtiest Player in the Game   Dirtiest Player in the Game Icon_minitimeFri Jan 31, 2014 10:40 pm

The camera cuts to a shot of Ultimate Warrior pacing around backstage, while Mean Gene Okerlund looks ready to conduct an interview

the fans go bonkers seeing not only Warrior, but Mean Gene


Mean Gene: Well, Ultimate Warrior, you are set to face the man that many call the greatest professional wrestler to ever live, tonight in the main event of Anarchy Wrestling Organization's Fusion! After suffering defeat at the hands of Mark Henry this pas-

Warrior stops pacing around and stares intently at Mean Gene, who stops talking immediately

Dirtiest Player in the Game Hqdefault

Warrior: MARK HENRY! You may have weathered the storm last week, but you did nothing to calm the storm of the Ultimate Warrior's SPIRIT! As two gladiators collided atop the mountain, the very FOUNDATION of the world began to crumble! And as I ascended high above into another realm, I flew too close to the sun, and felt the sting of my own burning flesh as a consequence! Mark Henry, you have proven yourself to be a powerful force, but the warriors never retreat, never surrender! What you accomplished last week is a feat that will never be duplicated! For the warriors only grow stronger with time, only adapt as the challenge grows greater! I know that our paths will cross again, and I know that at that time the spirit of the Ultimate Warrior will take you to the brink of extinction! *SNOOOORT*

Mean Gene: But what about your matchup with the Nature Boy, Ric Flair tonight, Warrior?

Warrior: The Nature Boy is a battle hardened veteran, and a true test for even the bravest of combatants! But tonight, FLAIR, you'll come to realize that the Warrior needs not be known as the man... the Warrior is known as a force too overpowering to be confined to the human body!! Just as Mark Henry will someday find out, you too, FLAIR, will be dealing with the SPIRIT of the Warrior. You may be the man, but i'm the titan, and all the warriors out there are ready to head into the onslaught of battle alongside me! When the lights go out and you descend into the depths of parts unknown, FLAIR, you will reflect on your past life, and you will soon come to realize that you never had what it takes to measure up to ULTIMATE INSANITY!!! *SNOOOOOORRRRRRRT* AAAAAAGGGHHHHGHHGHH SKAAAAAAAGH!

Warrior awkwardly backs out of the shot with his hands raised, looking a bit touched in the brain as he does it

Dirtiest Player in the Game Hqdefault

Mean Gene: The Ultimate Warrior, back in action here in the AWO, and if I might say so myself, it seems like he hasn't really changed much! This should be a great main event tonight! Back to you, JR!

(Promo closed - feedback appreciated!)
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Dirtiest Player in the Game
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