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 I'll bury them all!

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Ragin' Rick

Ragin' Rick

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I'll bury them all! Empty
PostSubject: I'll bury them all!   I'll bury them all! Icon_minitimeSun Feb 02, 2014 3:16 pm

*The Lord of Darkness is seen backstage with his macabre manager Paul Bearer. Bearer holds the urn high to his Undertaker and the dead man speaks*

"Cody Rhodes! You make these grandiose claims that you destroyed me and burned down the funeral parlor. I'll concede that you won our match, but the lord darkness can never be truly defeated. You cannot kill what is already dead and my funeral parlor is still very up and open for business!"

I'll bury them all! 5020-hat-paul_bearer-undertaker-urn-wwf

*Paul Bearer smiles and nods with approval, a look of devotion in his eyes. The deadman points at the viewer and reached out with his gloved hand*

"Cody Rhodes, you only care about claiming championships, while I only care about claiming your eternal soul. I'll be your personal escort into your own private hell! Tonight,you and Mark Henry will find out why I am the power and you will know that your title hopes are dead."
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I'll bury them all!
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