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 Major AWO Announcement (Feb. 14th)

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Dave Turner

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PostSubject: Major AWO Announcement (Feb. 14th)   Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:06 pm

As Fusion opens with it's video package and pyrotechnic display, the crowd in Omaha is at their feet keeping the same high energy that AWO has had the two previous weeks. AWO comes to a stall for about a minute as the crowd continues to cheer and show their signs. Finally, someone hits the stage

Shane O Mac hits the stage shuffling, clearly very excited for Fusion to kick off. He hits the left side of the stage, with a big smile, pumping up the crowd. He then heads over to the right side of the stage, getting everyone in the arena as excited as can be. He finally begins to head down to the ring, walking with a bit of confidence. He climbs into the ring and waits for the crowd to settle as he begins to speak

Omaha, thank you for the warm welcome to your city. And welcome to AWO Fusion! The quickest rising pro wrestling promotion in the world! Tonight is a big night for AWO, as we have a few major announcements. When we started AWO and Fusion, we knew that it would take some time before we were really competing with the major promotions in the world. But since our debut, we have had major wrestlers hopping on board, wanting a chance to showcase their skills to the best fans in the business. We always planned on being the biggest and the best around, and today we take a major step towards that all happening.

The crowd begins to go crazy once again, excitement filling the air as everyone in the arena and watching at home waits for the news

I am proud to announce, that in two weeks and two days, on Sunday, March 2nd....AWO will proudly be presenting our first ever Pay-Per-View! Coming from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, AWO Rise of the Renegades will go live! It will be the perfect way to end the first month of what is sure to be our historic run.

The crowd begins to cheer as Shane O Mac heads for the ropes to leave the ring. As he as one leg through he stops...waits....then proceeds to return back to the middle of the ring

And how could I forget, that we have another big announcement for tonight...

Shane gestures down to the stage as the crowd continues to roar

[Promo open to Fusion GM]
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PostSubject: Re: Major AWO Announcement (Feb. 14th)   Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:38 pm

As "I'm Back!" erupts through the P.A. system, the crowd seems torn on whether to boo or cheer, resulting in a mixed reaction as Eric Bischoff steps out on the stage. In his hands is... well, an object, completely cloaked by a red satin sheet draped elegantly over it. As Bischoff struts down to the ring, toting the possession pridefully in front of him with a huge grin, the sheet floats gracefully behind him. He takes his time climbing into the ring, soaking up every step. As he stands before Shane McMahon they chat inaudibly, drowned out by the crowd. Shane hands him the mic and they shake hands before Bischoff raises it to his lips.

Eric Bischoff
"I stand before each and every one of you in attendance, as well as the hundreds of thousands people watching around the world,... a humbled man. Humbled by the opportunities that have been afforded to me throughout my... long and eventful career. I've traveled the world with various companies, done things that I only ever dreamed of. I've  gone farther in my life than I was expected to, achieved many great things. And I want to thank the AWO Owner and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Shane McMahon, for allowing me to do another."

Bischoff pauses to let the crowd pop for Shane, bowing slightly to him as he raises his hand, clearly enjoying the spotlight. Bischoff thanks him personally as they share another handshake, before returning the mic to his mouth.

Eric Bischoff
"You see, Mr. McMahon has afforded me the unique opportunity to present to you something that will undeniably change the landscape as well as history of professional wrestling. What I'm about to reveal is going to be forever remembered as one of the greatest achievements in all of Sports Entertainment. Great men will look back on their careers, lavish and storied careers and choose this as the shining moment of greatness. This is a trophy to be held by only the top, the best of the best... the greatest of all professional wrestlers. Ladies and gentleman, without further adieu, I present to you... the Anarchy Wrestling Organization Championship."

The crowd erupts with cheers as Eric Bischoff removes the sheet from his possession, revealing a big, shiny gold championship belt in his hands. Bischoff and Shane McMahon share bright smiles, nodding along to the fans reactions. He hands the belt off to McMahon, who holds it valiantly above his head, garnering an even louder pop.

Eric Bischoff
"Next week, on our one month anniversary of AWO Friday Night Fusion, we will have matches to determine the contestants in the first ever Anarchy Wrestling Organization Championship match. These men have proven themselves to our top competitors... but only one will be able to call himself the AWO Champion! Goodnight everybody!"

The Friday Night Fusion theme fills the arena as the show fades to black, slowing zooming in on the image of the Championship.

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Major AWO Announcement (Feb. 14th)
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