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 Ric Flair Arrives

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Dave Turner
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Ric Flair Arrives Empty
PostSubject: Ric Flair Arrives   Ric Flair Arrives Icon_minitimeThu Feb 20, 2014 9:50 pm

Fusion had just started and they cut to a camera in the parking lot. A nice car pulls up, and after a few seconds Ric Flair emerges from the vehicle. He looks around, with a smile and upbeat attitude

Renee Young:
Ric, quick question. Last week you cost Sheamus a win and he returned the favor by distracting you against Mark Henry...what are your plans for Sheamus tonight?

.......Well Renee, it seems that Sheamus has decided to accept the challenge that the Nature Boy sent out to him. And that's not just a challenge to a match, but a challenge to see who is truly the better man. A challenge of wits, smarts, ring skill. Sheamus took the challenge and like so many before, I'll show Sheamus what it really takes to be the man. WOO!

Ric Flair leaves the parking lot area as the segment closes

[Promo open to Sheamus]
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Ric Flair Arrives
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